26 April 2010


Last week my little lady turned two. I really can't believe it. The cool thing is that she was born my best friend's daughter's birthday. (Do you have any idea how much easier it is to plan a birthday party with someone else? Especially when that person is the nicest, laid-back, cool mama ever? Well, it simplifies things.) Her daughter was two when the little lady was born. Which means that big girl that visited us in the hospital was the same age as my little girl now. How does that happen? Where does the time go?

Throughout the week (yes, week) of birthday festivities I was busy. Busy cleaning, cooking, entertaining, crafting. It was wonderful, but I'm glad to get back into a somewhat regular routine. Including blogging. During all of that busyness I had plenty of time to think. I thought about a lot of stuff. There have been some exciting changes in our life and more to come soon. (For the hundredth time, I'm not pregnant!) I thought about this blog and identity and what I wanted to be when I grew up and how I was going to make that happen and how, in the midst of all of that I was going to stay sane.

Well, sane in a relative sense.

Then I had a realization. I'm a mom. I write a blog. I wanted, with my whole entire itty-bitty heart, when I started this blog to not become a "mommy blogger". But you know what? I am. Because right now that's my job, and there are things coming down the pike that are going to change that slightly; but then I'm going to be a mom and a blankety-blank. My identity is not just that of a mom, although at times it feels that way. But I can't hold back my "mommyness" because I think that I may fall into some cliched category. Being a mom is cool! And funny, and tough and sad and frustrating and dirty and boring and scary and pretty much every other emotion that us, as human beings, can feel.

So welcome back. You're now reading a mommy blog.

Really, in terms of content, things aren't going to change much. I'm still planning on putting up recipes. Still working on my New Year's list. I'll still rant about random things. And maybe if we're lucky we'll have another guest post from the best buddy. Perhaps the Mr. could be persuaded to whip something up too. He's actually quite the writer.

So that's that. This is post #151 and I'm feeling mighty great about where this is all going. I hope you're prepared for all of the poop. And the sand. Oh the sand! Playground season is very messy.

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