09 August 2010

Lady in the Sky, With Broccoli

We've had a whirlwind, chaotic, hectic, exciting week.  It was a week of fixes, car naps, quick meals and heat.  Oh, the heat!  I finally feel like today we had the chance to tone things down and take a breath.  The Little Lady and I were left to our devices for the evening while the Mr. took a much deserved night off.  We had a light dinner and then went outside for our favorite pre-bed activity, Bubble Chasing.  (Well, she chases, I blow).  The following conversation ensued.

Laying in the grass:

MP: Hey LL, look at all those clouds!

LL:  Yeah mom, clouds.

MP:  What do you see up there?  I see bunny ears!

LL:  They just puffy mama.

MP: (Humph, this might not work...)

LL:  Mama, I see Lady!

MP: (Getting excited)  That's great, what's she doing?

LL:  Lady in Sky, with Broccoli.  I like Broccoli!

MP: Well, yes, it does look like broccoli.  What else do you see?

LL:  Poop in a glass.  Hahaha, mama, poop in a glass!

And here ends what could have been a touching, lasting mama-daughter moment.  I hesitate to call it memorable, although I'm pretty sure this one will be hard to forget.


  1. maybe daddy's night off are good for everyone... to curb the poop ;)



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