11 February 2010

Food Blogs and a New Feature


I'm sitting here trying to think about what to write about, staring out the window at the lovely sun and sneaking quick peeks to my other open tabs. Would you like to know what those tabs are?

Are we seeing a theme here?

I am obsessed with food. Making it, looking at it, planning it, eating it, sharing with those I love. Anything that has the slightest, the smallest iota or connection to food, I want to know about it. It's getting a little ridiculous I think. I have cook books I've never used. A whole folder in my bookmarks of saved recipes I've never made.

The thing is though, I don't usually cook from a recipe.

I browse recipes to get ideas. To think about flavor combinations. To see what others are eating. To learn new techniques or types of food. The only time I totally follow a recipe is if I'm baking or trying a written recipe for the first time. And then there are usually still substitutions or additions. When I was in college one of the Mr. and my favorite things to do was to sit at Barnes and Noble and just look at books. Sometimes for hours. He would often grab some science fiction or historical book. I would head straight to the cookbook section. I had a notebook that I would write down flavor ideas and the occasional recipe. I kinda wish I knew where that notebook was now.

So in an attempt to "help" my addiction or, probably more accurately, give it some purpose I'm going to start cooking from one of my cook books every week. Not every night, let's not go crazy, but at least two recipes a week I'm going to cook from a book in my "collection". I'll take pictures and do a write up about what I think of the recipes and the book overall. I'm going to tag these posts with "Cookbook Show Down". Why? Because I write this blog and I can.

Once I run out of cookbooks maybe I'll start writing about my favorite food blogs. I'm pretty sure I won't lose interest in food/cooking for a long time.


  1. I'm excited to eat what you can cook up out those books of yours. Here's to your success and my happy belly.

  2. That's one of my goals this year. Well I am aiming lower than you, I just want to cook at least one thing from every cookbook I own.



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