05 January 2010

A Giveaway, A Giveaway!

Well fellow inter-friends, I was going to post today about my experience with the Wii Fit. However, upon looking at my post number I realized that today was post #95. Which means that I get to announce the nifty little giveaway I have planned for post #100.

Giveaway you say? Oh yes, just keep reading folks.

I'm not going to get too introspective and sentimental today. After all, I have to leave myself something to write for the hundredth post. I'm excited that I made it this far. When I started out I really, really hoped that I'd actually write in this space and feel motivated enough to keep writing here. And I do! I like having something to do everyday that is for me, and really (sorry to disappoint you) only me. We can discuss this at more length next week, when I've actually made it to one hundred.

So, the details.

I want to know more about who you are. Yes, you! The people that come and read my stuff everyday. Or every week. Heck, if you're just passing through I want to know about you too. I have a nifty little site counter so I can see where you are all from; but that doesn't really make you human, now does it? So here's what I want you to do:
  • Become a follower of my blog, over there ----> on the right. It's easy and painless, it just takes one click!
  • Answer this question in the comments section between now and next Monday night at 8pm Central:
What is your favorite way to celebrate?

Winners will be drawn at random Monday night and announced on Tuesday afternoon.

What's the prize, you ask? Well, it's a surprise! (Not anymore! Click over here to find out what you'll win!) Partly because I can't decide on what to get for you lovely folks, but rest assured that it will be great and something that all of you will love. I guarantee it.

So what are you waiting for? Get to commenting! And following! Swing by here tomorrow for another great post about something that I'm thinking about. Perhaps that Wii Fit will get written about sooner or later.


  1. I'm intrigued!!!

    My fave way to celebrate: a glass of wine, great food and a gathering of family or friends (or both!!).

  2. I am also intrigued...
    It depends what I am celebrating...
    Part of me agrees with Debbie. A glass of wine, great food, and time with friends and family are the best way to celebrate.
    But sometimes, just a great dinner, wine, and a bubble bath (with bad magazines like People to read) are in order. Like me celebrating the fact that I am off bed rest, not a big family celebration, just a little "yeah" celebration.
    I will also include the hubby's... a nice dinner out. And by nice dinner I mean a dining "experience" like Charlie Trotter's, Arun, or La Belle Vie. Something with various courses and a wine flight.

  3. Awesome!

    Let's see...my favorite way to celebrate is to go out for a nice dinner. Our usual celebration place of choice is Zelo downtown. We hardly ever go downtown, so it is a treat when we go there. I usually like to dress up a bit and splurge. :)

  4. My favorite way to celebrate must have my husband involved. we usually go out to dinner with my family (which is large as I am the oldest of 7 siblings). We are comfortable and casual. Usually an Italian meal is involved.

  5. I guess I should add my favorite way to celebrate! Gathered with my nearest and dearest over a great meal. Whether it's cooked by me at home or out at some swanky place just depends on my mood. :) If there are beverages of the adult persuasion that is usually a good thing too. :)

  6. My favorite way to celebrate is with a margarita or sangria (and maybe some mexican food). I find it hard to relax, so to really celebrate I need to get out of the house...if only to sit outside and chat (in the warmer months), or to go out to dinner.



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