28 April 2010

Two- Part One

The little lady is two. I mentioned it before. Nothing in her short life thus far has been so difficult. The late night feedings, the poopy diapers, the cracked nipples, the sleep deprivation. No, now it's the temper tantrums and the hitting and the defiance and the general twoness.

But she's never been more wonderful.

We were out shopping today and she was being extremely good while I tried to hurriedly pick out some fabric. (Addiction anyone?) She kept asking me to "Hold you.", which I couldn't because I was busy looking at bolts of fabric. As the woman was cutting my selections the little lady entertained us both with her normal sweet, charming antics; but she still wanted me to hold her. I felt bad, but told her that I would hold her after we paid and were leaving the store. Finally as we were leaving, I picked her up. She clung to my neck in her version of a bear hug and said, "Mama, little lady happy. Like shopping mama."

Just stick a fork in my heart and call it done.

I've never heard her say that she's been happy before. Emotional development is the greatest reward. She's happy, she likes me, I'm not totally screwing up her life! It's nice to have these little moments for look back on when she's taking other kid's toys, hitting me in the face, screaming at the top of her little lungs and just generally being--two. Parenting a two year old is an emotional roller coaster. The highs are really high, but the lows, oh man, those lows are super low.

As we headed to the car I squeezed her little buddha belly tight and said," Please, don't grow up too fast. Don't become a teenager. From what I hear, they are worse than two year olds. And the hugs aren't nearly as sweet."

26 April 2010


I'm not very artistically inclined. I don't have a good "eye" and I constantly need verification from other people that what I'm trying to put together looks good. However, I am crafty. Not as in that late 90's witchy movie, but in that I can take things and make them into something new. When I was little I used to make jewelry and friendship bracelets and cross-stitch pictures for my teachers. You see, my mom is crafty too. I think I've come by it pretty honestly.

I kind of gave up on crafting after I went to college. I didn't have a lot of disposable income, or time, to spend whipping up crafty creations. I had bills to pay, food to buy and beer to drink. Perhaps if I had bought more sewing supplies and less keg glasses I would have some resemblance of a six-pack today. (Ok, probably not. But one can dream, can't she?) After the Mr. and I moved in together I had a short burst of domestic production, but it quickly died after I made curtains for three rooms in our house. Then we moved abroad and not only did I have no clue on where to purchase supplies, I had little time or interest in making something only to leave it a few months later.

(Wait a minute, I did craft a bit in China. In the winter time girls would make hats/scarves for their boyfriends, so I made a few too. The yarn was terrible quality and the "needles" were little more than roughly made chopsticks. Go figure. But I guess I can't say that I didn't make anything while I was there.)

After we moved back to the US I started temping, commuting from the suburbs each morning. Then the little lady came and I found that I had even less t
ime for my crafty projects. I thought about making things all the time, but every night I fell into bed without creating a single thing. Baking and cooking took the place of my creating things for a little while. But then the need to make something became too strong. So I hit up the craft store.

Never, ever let me go to the craft store un-supervised. It's dangerous.

I started making some dresses for the little lady. They were pretty easy! Then I whipped some up for friends. After that I moved on to making some cute T-Shirts for the little lady and her friend for their birthday. Then I started looking at apron patterns and pillow patterns and I bought some oil cloth to cover the little lady's table and chairs. I made a necklace like the one I've been wanting to buy for about $20 cheaper than I could have bought it. I'm out of control! Everywhere I look there's something that I can craft or make or repurpose. I'm loving all of this crafty energy, it's helping me to stay a little focused as we head into potty training and disciplining a two year old.

It doesn't help that JoAnn Fabrics keeps sending me coupons in the mail (plus giving me more when I checkout) and I have the cutest, independent craft store just up the block. Seriously. How could I resist? Not to mention a good friend of mine just moved to the city and it also a crafting addict and my mama friend is too. There's no hope.

I keep toying with the idea of opening a shop at etsy.com. If for no other reason than to give me license to make whatever I want. That way the Mr. can't complain when he sees the crafty receipts. (Not that he does...much) I'm on the fence. If I can find one or two more styles/things to make then I may try it out. Wouldn't hurt, would it?
And those dresses are pretty cute, if I do say so myself.


Last week my little lady turned two. I really can't believe it. The cool thing is that she was born my best friend's daughter's birthday. (Do you have any idea how much easier it is to plan a birthday party with someone else? Especially when that person is the nicest, laid-back, cool mama ever? Well, it simplifies things.) Her daughter was two when the little lady was born. Which means that big girl that visited us in the hospital was the same age as my little girl now. How does that happen? Where does the time go?

Throughout the week (yes, week) of birthday festivities I was busy. Busy cleaning, cooking, entertaining, crafting. It was wonderful, but I'm glad to get back into a somewhat regular routine. Including blogging. During all of that busyness I had plenty of time to think. I thought about a lot of stuff. There have been some exciting changes in our life and more to come soon. (For the hundredth time, I'm not pregnant!) I thought about this blog and identity and what I wanted to be when I grew up and how I was going to make that happen and how, in the midst of all of that I was going to stay sane.

Well, sane in a relative sense.

Then I had a realization. I'm a mom. I write a blog. I wanted, with my whole entire itty-bitty heart, when I started this blog to not become a "mommy blogger". But you know what? I am. Because right now that's my job, and there are things coming down the pike that are going to change that slightly; but then I'm going to be a mom and a blankety-blank. My identity is not just that of a mom, although at times it feels that way. But I can't hold back my "mommyness" because I think that I may fall into some cliched category. Being a mom is cool! And funny, and tough and sad and frustrating and dirty and boring and scary and pretty much every other emotion that us, as human beings, can feel.

So welcome back. You're now reading a mommy blog.

Really, in terms of content, things aren't going to change much. I'm still planning on putting up recipes. Still working on my New Year's list. I'll still rant about random things. And maybe if we're lucky we'll have another guest post from the best buddy. Perhaps the Mr. could be persuaded to whip something up too. He's actually quite the writer.

So that's that. This is post #151 and I'm feeling mighty great about where this is all going. I hope you're prepared for all of the poop. And the sand. Oh the sand! Playground season is very messy.

20 April 2010

Almost Back to Our Regularly Schedule Programming

A new post is coming soon. No really, I promise! I've been a bit busy as I prepared for the little lady's second birthday. Lots of parties, lots of prep and perhaps a little too much sugar. I'm working on finding a little direction over here too. More on that later. Until then get outside, feel the sun and enjoy your day. I'll be back soon!

09 April 2010

Five Things Friday- Where I Embarrass myself on the Internet

Happy Friday everyone! Because I don't have a shred of humility and because it's a gorgeous Friday, I'm going to go ahead and let you in on my ensemble at the gym this morning. Sound boring and inconsequential? Well, if you had seen me wearing this, you might think differently.
  1. Black, kitten heeled shoes with a flower on the toe.
  2. Black, saggy yoga pants that are the Mr.'s, and have bare spots on the legs where some unknown substance ate away at them while in the trunk of my car.
  3. Coral tank from Old Navy that now reaches almost to my knees because the hem has ripped out.
  4. Floral scarf with turquoise flowers and olive green leaves.
  5. Old grey zip up that has started to shrink North, thus leaving the pockets almost at my bosoms.
  6. And since I like you, and it really does complete the outfit: A white elastic headband, desperately trying to keep my hair out of my face.
If I was simply headed to the gym and didn't have to talk to anybody before I got to the locker room, it wouldn't be a problem. But I have to drop the little lady off at the gym day care first. Then when I got into the car this morning, the fuel light was on; meaning that I had to stand practically on the street while I pumped gas. In my threadbare yoga pants and heels. I think that calls for spelling the word hot, with a w: Hawt. So, since I'm lazy and my gym bag is really a reusable shopping tote; I chose to wear as many pieces that I was planning on wearing after my shower as possible. Hence the shoes and scarf. I'm not completely off my rocker.

Let me assure you, the outfit leaving the gym was much better.

Hope you all have wonderful weekends!

08 April 2010

Need #2

I need a plan.
I need to make some lists.
I need to clean.
I need to organize.
I need to figure out family pictures.
I want to buy a new lens.
I need a few more hours in the day.
I need to find this book.
I want to buy more fabric to make more dresses.
I need to pay the bills.
I need to buy a swimsuit.
I want to go to the gym.

What do you need today?

07 April 2010

Long Term Goals

I'm struggling with my To-Do list today. The To-Do list of the next five or so years. So, I'm taking one item on at a time. Now, I just have to decide where to start.

05 April 2010

Spring Time

This time of year the clock seems to move faster. The days are longer, but for some reason we're packing more and more into each day. I know why, we live in the mid-west and there are only so many months that it is pleasurable to be outdoors. So we picnic and BBQ and head to the park and go for walks. All the stuff that the other eight or nine months of the year it is difficult to do. I can't even say how nice it is to simply walk out the door, and go for a walk. No forethought about jackets or temps or any of the extraneous items that you need in the depths of winter.

But all of the fresh air makes me exhausted.

Maybe it's the fact that it's light longer and thus my days are longer too. We get up earlier, our day gets going faster and we spend it run, run, running. Even at night it's not difficult to be out past nine or ten. Try doing that in mid-January, when the temps fall by the double digits as soon as the sun sets. At three o'clock. There's just more stuff to do in the spring/summer. Besides all of the outdoor activities, people demand your time too. There's family get together's, bbqs with friends, then you have to go and see all of those people you missed all winter because you were hermiting away in your house.

This may make it sound like I am done with Spring/Summer already. Good heavens, no! I feel like it's just ramping up! I can't wait for drinks on the patio and lazy Sunday brunches outside, family bbqs every weekend. Staying up late to catch concerts in the park, long walks along the lakes. Pushing the little lady on the swings at the park, only to have her fall asleep on the way home, exhausted from a belly full of fresh air and sunshine.

Just make sure that I have a nap, or go to bed once the sun (finally) goes down.


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