30 June 2010

A Comedy of Errors

Is it truly Wednesday already?  Something about this week, heck this month, is flying by.  We've been busy around these parts with getting the house ready for market and being gone for various family reasons. Summer is truly a seriously busy time.  So busy that most days I feel like I'm running around like a chicken that has just had it's head lopped off.  Whew!  However, today I decided to change that and have a nice, easy day running errands.  Whoo-boy.  Was I wrong!  Here's how the day has shaped up this far:

  • Little Lady woke at 5:15AM
  • I thought I had written out my grocery list, but hadn't.
  • Ditto on the weekly coupon clipping.  Seriously, where have I been?
  • Finally made it to the gym at 10AM. (FIVE hours after I was woken up...)
  • After a great run and shower, realize that I forgot to pack my bra.
  • Clean shirt = thinnest T-Shirt I own.
Let's just digress for a moment here, shall we?  Now, as I've mentioned before, I am kind of a busty lady.  Like, if I'm not wearing a bra then the people standing to my left and right better watch out or else a wrecking ball may come crashing towards their heads.  (Ok, ok.  Their waists.  Maybe their knees.  I'm not that tall after all.)  So when faced with the prospect of walking through the gym braless in my thiny, thin, thin T-shit, do you know what I do?  Well, I would love to say that I walked out strong and proud, but in reality I held those babies together as best as I could all the while trying to pretend that I was closing my water bottle.  Yeah.  I'm sure I was convincing.  Luckily for me there was a short cardi waiting for me in the car since I also had multiple errands to run after the gym.  Humph.
  • Get LL to the first store only to realize that I no snacks packed.  Fabulous.
  • Get to the grocery store and realize I am hungry.  Never, ever a good combination.
  • Upon arriving home the LL pees all over the floor.  No accidents while we're out, she even went on her own at the gym!
  • Two seconds later poops all over the freshly shampooed carpet.
  • Is it 5:30 yet?  No?  Oh, ok.
  • Oh, that's right.  After cleaning up the floor, the LL and her clothes do I realize that there's a largish brown spot in her hair.  Yep.  Great.
I'm not even stressed, upset or down.  How could I?  It's like the day was out to get me before I even started it.  Thank goodness we had coffee.  Some bright spots in all of this?  I bought myself some delicious treats.  I am going to a private shopping party at a hip little shop.  And I'm seeing Eclipse with my lovely lady friends.  In the VIP section.  Where they serve drinks.

Which is good, because I think I'm going to need one.

25 June 2010

Five Things Friday- Severe Weather Edition

Five things that I hate worse than tornadoes?  Or the "T" word, as I like to refer to them as when my anxiety gets particularly bad?  Let us see what that list would look like.

  1. Nothing
  2. Nada
  3. Not a Thing
  4. Nope
  5. Not unless you count werewolves, but I'm pretty sure those don't exist.
Happy Friday!  

23 June 2010

It Doesn't Really Matter...

...if your floors were clean.
... it you didn't do it the way they wanted you to.
...if you made the most money.
...if the paint colors matched.
...if you ate that last slice.

But, it does matter...

...if you told your kid you loved them.
...if you helped that person.
...if you were honest to yourself.
...if they made you smile.
...if, at the end of the day, you were happy just being you.

22 June 2010

Couch to 5K- Part Two

So a few months ago I decided I was going to become a runner.  I didn't buy any special gear, I didn't read anything about running; I simply jumped on the treadmill and ran.  Well, I proceeded to attempt to run.  I made it through the first two weeks.  At that point I repeated the phrase I've used since I learnt how to run, "I only run if I'm being chased...my body isn't made to run."

Then Emily had to go and start the program.

I'm not competitive.  It wasn't that I wanted to try and "beat" her.  But watching her go through the program and talk how much she hated it, but how it ultimately made her feel good made me think I should try it again.  Perhaps this time with some forethought.  I realized there was a podcast you could download that tells you when to run and walk, thus making watching the clock tick away unnecessary.  I bought a pair of running shoes.  Cheap, Target running shoes; just in case I couldn't stick with it.  I bought some new earphones for my iPod that would stay in my ears while I was running.

Then, I bought a sports bra.    

I still can't really believe that I did.  I mean, I don't do sports.  I have no need for a bra specifically used while you are moving in an active way.  And I'm no A cup either.  I'm a busty gal and, let me tell you, wearing a sports bra made all the difference in the world.  Duh.  Like; duh, duh, duh.  Of course it did.  So even though the podcast got lost on my iPod, I forgot my deodorant at home and my gym bag broke on my way to the locker room- I ran.  Not far, not fast, but I did it.  

And it felt good.

21 June 2010

A Change in Perspective

When I became a mom a lot of things changed.  And no, I'm not just talking about my shoes size, my waist and my unending need for Diet Coke.  The way I looked at the world changed.  I became a master of ten nanosecond risk management.  "Is this floor clean enough for you to crawl on?"  "Is a fall down these steps going to be a lesson about climbing or a trip to the ER?"  "How many doors does this room have and how many are viable exit routes for you?"

And people wonder why I am so scattered brained.

I also learned to look at the world through the eyes of my Little Lady.  Puddles have become the most entertaining half hour after a rain storm.  An empty coffee can and a chopstick have become, at once, the most terrific marching tools and migraine producers.  An empty hallway in the middle of a mall can become the best playground when you are with you buddies.

A long hallway?  Nah, it's a race track, something new to explore.

Giggles and tickles make any place fun.

Hanging out on the "subway".
Or just chillin' on a step.

17 June 2010

The End of the World as I Know It

It's true.  I have a little escape artist on my hands.  After months of deluding myself that the Little Lady was too short to open doors, she went and did it this afternoon during nap time.  The sound of that door opening was the single most frightening sound I've ever heard in my entire life.  I can't even begin to explain to you the mental upheaval I have right now.  No longer can I place her anywhere without her getting out by her own volition.

No place is safe.

I know I can get one of those door knob thingys so she can't get out of her room.  But now, the possibility of escape there.  So long "quiet" time.  However, the ramifications of this go far beyond my precious two hours of peace in the afternoon.  No, now I can't leave her on the porch to play without ensuring, beyond a shadow of a doubt that the door is locked.  Showers will be shared and I will probably find myself with a midnight wanderer once again.

And I thought poop in her pants was bad.

16 June 2010

PTO for Mommies

The Mr. has been sick, I've been potty training the Little Lady; so let's just say that my house is currently covered in bodily fluids.

So I'm ready for put in for some PTO.  Anyone know where I can send in the slip?


(tap, tap, tap)  
Is anybody out there?

Sigh, why didn't I negotiate that into my contract?

Oh right, I don't have one.

11 June 2010

Five Things Friday- My Morning Rituals

Happy Friday everyone!  It's been a rainy, wet week around these parts, and although that is good for making us stay home to potty train, it does nothing to improve our cabin fever.  The weekend is supposed to be a bit nicer, but cloudy.  As long as it's not raining I'll be happy.

I have never been a person to have rituals or routines or even a set way of doing something.  Or so I thought.  After my morning "non-routine" got went all kiddywampus this morning that I not only have a routine, if that routine heads south I am one crabby customer.  I won't go into the details of the derailment this morning, but I will say that by 7AM, the Little Lady was in the bathtub.  So in an effort to recognize my own routine during the day I decided to write down what I thought was my first, necessary five steps that I do every morning.

  1. Put on my glasses and a pair of yoga pants.  Seriously, if I don't have any clean and have to get dressed, the morning is off to a rough start.
  2. Pour a glass of milk and make the LL breakfast.  If I even think of making myself something first her routine and day get off to a bad start.  Oh, the things you do when you're a mother.
  3. Finally, make coffee.  Lots and lots of coffee.
  4. Turn on the laptop.  Run interference so the Mr. doesn't steal said laptop to read the NYT.  Settle in with the laptop and catch up on the world.
  5. Pour enough creamer in my mug to make my coffee carmel colored.  Proceed to inhale the sweet, sweet perfume of caffeine.  Nothing better than that first sip.  
  6. Open my eyes. 
Happy Friday everyone!  Hope you all have fantastic, fun filled weekends.  
Say, how do you like the new layout?

09 June 2010

Mid-Week Mind Warp

By the time Wednesday rolls around most weeks I'm tired, and this week is no exception. We're hitting the potty training hard and we've come far enough that we're not turning back. The Mr. has been super busy at work, which leaves me flying solo most nights until (or past) bedtime. But instead of dwelling on all of the things that have made this week seem long or that have gone wrong or that have left me feeling worn out, I have decided to write a quick list of all the good things this week. Accomplishments and happenings that have made me feel better than (or simply) fine. I encourage you to do the same. Leave a few in the comments, I'd love to hear about your week thus far!
  • Pee hitting the potty. There's nothing that sounds better than that first success.
  • Friends that come over at night to gab and gossip.
  • BBQs with friends.
  • Finishing sewing projects that seemed difficult at the time. Finishing them and loving the results.
  • Chilling with the Mr. when he gets home.
  • An hour of quiet when the Little Lady and the Mr. are on a bike ride.
Here's hoping for an equally satisfying rest of the week!

08 June 2010

11 Reasons Why You Should Be Careful What You Say On Facebook

I needed a good laugh today, so I quickly Googled "bad Facebook statuses." Oh, boy. I got a good chuckle out of quite a few of these. Check out the list. Number One, in particular made me laugh. Facebook Nightmare.


01 June 2010

The Trifecta

When I first became a mom I was very concerned about the amount of socialization that my kid would (or would not) receive if I became a Stay At Home Mom. Luckily, and I didn't know this at the time, my kid is a pretty social kid. However, at the beginning I made it a point to hang out with my nephews and mother-in-law as much as possible. The only problem was that they lived almost thirty minutes away, and the amount of money I was spending on gas was starting to get out of hand. So, I needed to find another outlet. I started searching online for Mom's Groups and was lucky enough to find a great one. My kid has been making friends and learning from her peers for almost two years now.

That's the first part of the Family Friend Trifecta. Your kid makes friends. They learn and grow and have a good time. The second portion of the trifecta deals with the moms. When I started attending get togethers I really wasn't looking for friends for myself. I thought I had enough friends and that I was doomed to a life without socialization. Boy, was I wrong! I feel like I've hit the jackpot. The ladies that I've met through the group are strong, intelligent, hilarious, fun, supportive and an invaluable resource of information and insight. I don't know what I would do without them! I love being able to call someone up to meet for coffee, go on a Target run, make last minute plans to go to the park or meet for a beer after a long day. It really does take a village and I don't know what I would do without these ladies in my corner.

So, the first two parts of the trifecta are somewhat easy to obtain. Kids make friends with anybody, women love to chat and friendships are forged. The final piece of the trifecta is almost myth. You hear about your friend's cousin's second daughter's sister completing it. Once families achieve Trifecta Status they keep it under wraps for fear that one small slip will unravel the months of searching and longing for that perfect combination. What in Heaven's name am I talking about? I'm talking about when the husbands/significant others become friends too.

I used to think that it was too much to ask. It seemed daunting to try and find another family that the three of us could all jive with, independently and as a group. The Mr. could go out for beers with the other significant other, the ladies could hang out and the kids all played well together. We had it once; but then they had to go and move away. But then, after giving up hope, we were lucky enough to complete the Trifecta again. This past weekend we were lucky enough to share it with not one, but two other families at a resort up near Brainerd, MN. There were five kids four and under. Three couples. Four bedrooms. What should have been chaos was controlled and the bare minimum of fights, tantrums and problems arose. There was plenty of laughter, much beer drank and many memories created. We went swimming, had bonfires, played and had a fantastic time.

You know it's a success when you get home from a long weekend and start to think, "I wonder if so and so wants to come over for a BBQ...oh wait, we just got home." Or you get a text inviting you to come over and play at their house the next day and you're bummed that you might not be able to make it. I can't even begin to explain how awesome it is to find other families to spend time with. Not only does it lighten the parenting load, but it makes gatherings less stressful and more relaxing for everyone involved. Parent and child. I can only hope that as the summer and years progress we can have more awesome weekends like the one we just finished.


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