30 December 2009

New Years Resolutions

I've never really been the type to make a (or a list of) New Years Resolutions. Oh, I might have made up something if someone asked me directly, but in reality I kind of thought that they were hokey. A way for gyms to sell you a membership that you are never going to use. Even for a list maker like me, I just could never get into it.

This year I feel like it will be different though. Mostly because I'm choosing to re-think the Resolutions list. In years past I always thought about them in terms of unattainable goals. Oh, I really love to lose thirty pounds, but I have no desire to go to the gym. Well, I would love to read a book a week, but I'm not willing to cut into my internet time to do it. Those type of things. This year however, I'm going to make a list of attainable goals. Things that I know I can accomplish, and not necessarily ones that have to last the whole year. I'm also going to add in a few things that I'll actually want to do. Like visit the Schell Brewery. Or institute a new family tradition.

I'm basing my New Years Resolution list off of two different kinds of lists. The "Bucket" list, like in the movie starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. And the list of "___ New Things Before My ___ Birthday", like my dear friend Sarah Von is doing over at Yes and Yes. Good, positive, make you happy to be alive lists. Oh, my new New Years Resolution list will have plenty of things on it that I won't be happy to do, but over all I want this list to be something that I can obtain, finish and feel good about.

So, over the next couple of days, think about what you would put on your list. I'll be making some notes and jotting down ideas too. Come Friday, New Years Day, I'll give you the list that I'll be living off of in 2010. Perhaps we can try and knock off some of these things together, what do you think?


  1. I'll go to the brewery with you (if I can). My goal this year is pretty simple, redo our house without killing my husband. I just hope we have enough saved for all I have planned.
    Oh, and survive the first year of a baby with toddler. That first year with Little Miss was tough and now to know I have to deal with that and Little Miss...it makes my head spin.

  2. Maybe we can make it a MDO this summer Lauren! I think your resolutions are very resonable, and I know you can make it through all of them! Well, I'm not sure about the not killing your husband part, but I'll keep my fingers crossed. ;)



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