30 June 2010

A Comedy of Errors

Is it truly Wednesday already?  Something about this week, heck this month, is flying by.  We've been busy around these parts with getting the house ready for market and being gone for various family reasons. Summer is truly a seriously busy time.  So busy that most days I feel like I'm running around like a chicken that has just had it's head lopped off.  Whew!  However, today I decided to change that and have a nice, easy day running errands.  Whoo-boy.  Was I wrong!  Here's how the day has shaped up this far:

  • Little Lady woke at 5:15AM
  • I thought I had written out my grocery list, but hadn't.
  • Ditto on the weekly coupon clipping.  Seriously, where have I been?
  • Finally made it to the gym at 10AM. (FIVE hours after I was woken up...)
  • After a great run and shower, realize that I forgot to pack my bra.
  • Clean shirt = thinnest T-Shirt I own.
Let's just digress for a moment here, shall we?  Now, as I've mentioned before, I am kind of a busty lady.  Like, if I'm not wearing a bra then the people standing to my left and right better watch out or else a wrecking ball may come crashing towards their heads.  (Ok, ok.  Their waists.  Maybe their knees.  I'm not that tall after all.)  So when faced with the prospect of walking through the gym braless in my thiny, thin, thin T-shit, do you know what I do?  Well, I would love to say that I walked out strong and proud, but in reality I held those babies together as best as I could all the while trying to pretend that I was closing my water bottle.  Yeah.  I'm sure I was convincing.  Luckily for me there was a short cardi waiting for me in the car since I also had multiple errands to run after the gym.  Humph.
  • Get LL to the first store only to realize that I no snacks packed.  Fabulous.
  • Get to the grocery store and realize I am hungry.  Never, ever a good combination.
  • Upon arriving home the LL pees all over the floor.  No accidents while we're out, she even went on her own at the gym!
  • Two seconds later poops all over the freshly shampooed carpet.
  • Is it 5:30 yet?  No?  Oh, ok.
  • Oh, that's right.  After cleaning up the floor, the LL and her clothes do I realize that there's a largish brown spot in her hair.  Yep.  Great.
I'm not even stressed, upset or down.  How could I?  It's like the day was out to get me before I even started it.  Thank goodness we had coffee.  Some bright spots in all of this?  I bought myself some delicious treats.  I am going to a private shopping party at a hip little shop.  And I'm seeing Eclipse with my lovely lady friends.  In the VIP section.  Where they serve drinks.

Which is good, because I think I'm going to need one.


  1. Ha ha ha ha ha!! I'm so sorry Mary but I am picturing the gym scenario right now :))) How many times have we done the stupidest things to cover up after ourselves?? I still get in the wrong side of the car in the parking lot and then pretend I was really just opening that door to put my purse in or get something out of the glove box. Sheesh.

  2. Oh Debbie, that made me laugh. :)



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