22 June 2010

Couch to 5K- Part Two

So a few months ago I decided I was going to become a runner.  I didn't buy any special gear, I didn't read anything about running; I simply jumped on the treadmill and ran.  Well, I proceeded to attempt to run.  I made it through the first two weeks.  At that point I repeated the phrase I've used since I learnt how to run, "I only run if I'm being chased...my body isn't made to run."

Then Emily had to go and start the program.

I'm not competitive.  It wasn't that I wanted to try and "beat" her.  But watching her go through the program and talk how much she hated it, but how it ultimately made her feel good made me think I should try it again.  Perhaps this time with some forethought.  I realized there was a podcast you could download that tells you when to run and walk, thus making watching the clock tick away unnecessary.  I bought a pair of running shoes.  Cheap, Target running shoes; just in case I couldn't stick with it.  I bought some new earphones for my iPod that would stay in my ears while I was running.

Then, I bought a sports bra.    

I still can't really believe that I did.  I mean, I don't do sports.  I have no need for a bra specifically used while you are moving in an active way.  And I'm no A cup either.  I'm a busty gal and, let me tell you, wearing a sports bra made all the difference in the world.  Duh.  Like; duh, duh, duh.  Of course it did.  So even though the podcast got lost on my iPod, I forgot my deodorant at home and my gym bag broke on my way to the locker room- I ran.  Not far, not fast, but I did it.  

And it felt good.


  1. Run, Mary, Run!

    (Sports bras are necessary, lady. In fact, if you're ever feeling really crazy, try double-sportsbra-ing it. Trust me. You won't be sorry).

  2. Thanks Em. :)

    I will seriously consider "double-wrapping". ;) That's not a bad idea!

  3. i have to opposite problem. after nursing for 5 years in sum, I now have no need for a sport's bra. the other day i was walking and i felt energetic and started running. i realized later that i wasn't wearing a bra, period. no bra - no problem. didn't even notice. wah wah wah

  4. I haven't run without a sports bra on since before puberty! Good luck with the running!



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