17 June 2010

The End of the World as I Know It

It's true.  I have a little escape artist on my hands.  After months of deluding myself that the Little Lady was too short to open doors, she went and did it this afternoon during nap time.  The sound of that door opening was the single most frightening sound I've ever heard in my entire life.  I can't even begin to explain to you the mental upheaval I have right now.  No longer can I place her anywhere without her getting out by her own volition.

No place is safe.

I know I can get one of those door knob thingys so she can't get out of her room.  But now, the possibility of escape there.  So long "quiet" time.  However, the ramifications of this go far beyond my precious two hours of peace in the afternoon.  No, now I can't leave her on the porch to play without ensuring, beyond a shadow of a doubt that the door is locked.  Showers will be shared and I will probably find myself with a midnight wanderer once again.

And I thought poop in her pants was bad.


  1. Oh yes. Happened to me this week too. Hence my high state of anxiety!!



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