28 April 2010

Two- Part One

The little lady is two. I mentioned it before. Nothing in her short life thus far has been so difficult. The late night feedings, the poopy diapers, the cracked nipples, the sleep deprivation. No, now it's the temper tantrums and the hitting and the defiance and the general twoness.

But she's never been more wonderful.

We were out shopping today and she was being extremely good while I tried to hurriedly pick out some fabric. (Addiction anyone?) She kept asking me to "Hold you.", which I couldn't because I was busy looking at bolts of fabric. As the woman was cutting my selections the little lady entertained us both with her normal sweet, charming antics; but she still wanted me to hold her. I felt bad, but told her that I would hold her after we paid and were leaving the store. Finally as we were leaving, I picked her up. She clung to my neck in her version of a bear hug and said, "Mama, little lady happy. Like shopping mama."

Just stick a fork in my heart and call it done.

I've never heard her say that she's been happy before. Emotional development is the greatest reward. She's happy, she likes me, I'm not totally screwing up her life! It's nice to have these little moments for look back on when she's taking other kid's toys, hitting me in the face, screaming at the top of her little lungs and just generally being--two. Parenting a two year old is an emotional roller coaster. The highs are really high, but the lows, oh man, those lows are super low.

As we headed to the car I squeezed her little buddha belly tight and said," Please, don't grow up too fast. Don't become a teenager. From what I hear, they are worse than two year olds. And the hugs aren't nearly as sweet."

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  1. Oh I hear you Mary. Oliver actually gives me a cuddle now if I ask. So sweet!! But Emily has just puked up on me - again. 5 week olds - tsk, tsk!!



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