26 April 2010


I'm not very artistically inclined. I don't have a good "eye" and I constantly need verification from other people that what I'm trying to put together looks good. However, I am crafty. Not as in that late 90's witchy movie, but in that I can take things and make them into something new. When I was little I used to make jewelry and friendship bracelets and cross-stitch pictures for my teachers. You see, my mom is crafty too. I think I've come by it pretty honestly.

I kind of gave up on crafting after I went to college. I didn't have a lot of disposable income, or time, to spend whipping up crafty creations. I had bills to pay, food to buy and beer to drink. Perhaps if I had bought more sewing supplies and less keg glasses I would have some resemblance of a six-pack today. (Ok, probably not. But one can dream, can't she?) After the Mr. and I moved in together I had a short burst of domestic production, but it quickly died after I made curtains for three rooms in our house. Then we moved abroad and not only did I have no clue on where to purchase supplies, I had little time or interest in making something only to leave it a few months later.

(Wait a minute, I did craft a bit in China. In the winter time girls would make hats/scarves for their boyfriends, so I made a few too. The yarn was terrible quality and the "needles" were little more than roughly made chopsticks. Go figure. But I guess I can't say that I didn't make anything while I was there.)

After we moved back to the US I started temping, commuting from the suburbs each morning. Then the little lady came and I found that I had even less t
ime for my crafty projects. I thought about making things all the time, but every night I fell into bed without creating a single thing. Baking and cooking took the place of my creating things for a little while. But then the need to make something became too strong. So I hit up the craft store.

Never, ever let me go to the craft store un-supervised. It's dangerous.

I started making some dresses for the little lady. They were pretty easy! Then I whipped some up for friends. After that I moved on to making some cute T-Shirts for the little lady and her friend for their birthday. Then I started looking at apron patterns and pillow patterns and I bought some oil cloth to cover the little lady's table and chairs. I made a necklace like the one I've been wanting to buy for about $20 cheaper than I could have bought it. I'm out of control! Everywhere I look there's something that I can craft or make or repurpose. I'm loving all of this crafty energy, it's helping me to stay a little focused as we head into potty training and disciplining a two year old.

It doesn't help that JoAnn Fabrics keeps sending me coupons in the mail (plus giving me more when I checkout) and I have the cutest, independent craft store just up the block. Seriously. How could I resist? Not to mention a good friend of mine just moved to the city and it also a crafting addict and my mama friend is too. There's no hope.

I keep toying with the idea of opening a shop at etsy.com. If for no other reason than to give me license to make whatever I want. That way the Mr. can't complain when he sees the crafty receipts. (Not that he does...much) I'm on the fence. If I can find one or two more styles/things to make then I may try it out. Wouldn't hurt, would it?
And those dresses are pretty cute, if I do say so myself.


  1. The dresses are adorable. Also, some of the tutus at nice kids boutiques are pretty pricey for the fabric used...just saying. I have lots of ideas for cute ones.

  2. Thanks Lauren! I am still looking for a tutorial for a multiple layered filled tutu. I'll keep you posted.



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