05 April 2010

Spring Time

This time of year the clock seems to move faster. The days are longer, but for some reason we're packing more and more into each day. I know why, we live in the mid-west and there are only so many months that it is pleasurable to be outdoors. So we picnic and BBQ and head to the park and go for walks. All the stuff that the other eight or nine months of the year it is difficult to do. I can't even say how nice it is to simply walk out the door, and go for a walk. No forethought about jackets or temps or any of the extraneous items that you need in the depths of winter.

But all of the fresh air makes me exhausted.

Maybe it's the fact that it's light longer and thus my days are longer too. We get up earlier, our day gets going faster and we spend it run, run, running. Even at night it's not difficult to be out past nine or ten. Try doing that in mid-January, when the temps fall by the double digits as soon as the sun sets. At three o'clock. There's just more stuff to do in the spring/summer. Besides all of the outdoor activities, people demand your time too. There's family get together's, bbqs with friends, then you have to go and see all of those people you missed all winter because you were hermiting away in your house.

This may make it sound like I am done with Spring/Summer already. Good heavens, no! I feel like it's just ramping up! I can't wait for drinks on the patio and lazy Sunday brunches outside, family bbqs every weekend. Staying up late to catch concerts in the park, long walks along the lakes. Pushing the little lady on the swings at the park, only to have her fall asleep on the way home, exhausted from a belly full of fresh air and sunshine.

Just make sure that I have a nap, or go to bed once the sun (finally) goes down.


  1. I am hoping your summer plans include a road trip to see us!

  2. I certainly hope so! We just need to pick a weekend and plan what to do with the little lady for that long in the car. ;) I think it involves driving at night, and lots of snacks.



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