20 May 2010


Life is just busy, busy, busy all the time around these parts lately. Yet, here I sit. Mindlessly surfing Facebook, randomly putting together dream outfits on
Polyvore and writing this blog post. What should I be doing, you ask? Well, I could tell you, but after my highly rated post yesterday, it would put you right to sleep. Unless that's what you need right now. Then, by all means, email me and I will send you a copy of my to-do list. It's guaranteed to produce yawns all around.

Yawns? Really not what I'm looking for today.

So how about instead I give you a list of three yawn busters; a new recipe, a new site and a obscure fact? Yes? Excellent!

  1. Shakshuka: I made this delightful meal last week and it was perfect. Easy, made with ingredients that are not only cheap, but on hand and oh so comforting. Next time I'll add some spinach either in the sauce or sauteed on the side. Really, not to be missed.
  2. Academichic: This is a new find for me. I don't usually peruse fashion or outfit type blogs, but these three PhD students drew me in with their interesting, but wearable outfits and their interesting, intelligent commentary. Very well done in my opinion and gives me a little fashion inspiration as well.
  3. Fact: Technically, zebras are black with white stripes; a shaved zebra would be completely black. Via this site.
Happy Thursday!

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