19 May 2010

Dear World...

Hello Dear World, today I have an issue to take up with you. Some of you will be on my side, many of you will feel like I'm talking to you. And only you. Honestly though? I'm not. I'm only talking to that person standing right behind you. I feel so strongly about this that I'm actually thinking of starting a Facebook group to bring this issue to the attention of everyone in the country. The issue of which I speak?

Black yoga pants are just glorified sweat pants.

Yeah, you know what I'm talking about. You see them everywhere. At the grocery store, Target, the park, in line at the DMV, at the Post Office, renting a movie from Red Box. People? This trend needs to be stopped. There are only three reasons why you should be wearing black yoga pants in public:
  1. You just had a baby. Have a newborn? I'll pretty much let you do anything. Including parking in that Handicap spot at the grocery store.
  2. You are going to have a baby. Extra points if you are going to have a baby, any day now. There just comes a time in pregnancy when nothing fits and just leaving the house wearing pants is a chore.
  3. You are headed to the gym or are coming from the gym. Hence, you should be wearing sneakers and not a heel. I'm just saying.
Now, just to clarify, I'm not talking about leggings. Leggings are cute, functional and a necessity, I'm coming to realize, if you're a mom who likes to wear skirts at the playground. But that's another issue for another time.

I take issue with anyone who wears "athletic wear" and sees it as acceptable day wear. I get it, sweat pants (I mean, yoga pants) are comfortable. Black goes with everything and makes your outfit appear to be just that, an outfit. But it's not. Throw on a pair of jeans. Or a jersey skirt. Or buy some leggings and a couple of cute, flowy tops or dresses. Equally comfortable. Leaps and bounds more appealing to look at. After the little lady was born I made it my mission never to leave the house in anything that could be considered pajamas or that I would wear to the gym. Sure there are days when I'd love to loaf around in my sweats, but for the sake of everyone around me I put on pants. I mean, come on, even China is cracking down on wearing PJs in public. There are just some objects of clothing that I have no desire to see you in.

So dear World, let's stop with the yoga pants wearing, shall we? I promise never to wear low-rise jeans, tube tops, or a bikini if the rest of the world can agree never to wear their pajamas in public.

Have we got a deal?


  1. I hear what you're saying, but could we please add, "If you're headed to pottery class" to that list? I SO wore my black yoga pants to pottery class last night.

    And what about gray yoga pants?

    ; )

  2. Well, there can be an exception if you're going to get messy. So, I suppose pottery glass, gardening and the like could be added. ;)

  3. Ooh, I couldn't disagree with you more! I work around the house in comfy yoga pants and the last thing I want to do is change just to go to the grocery store. Of course i donned my sweatpants today at our get together because I just don't care!

  4. I've been wearing my yoga wear to drop off my kid to school -even if I'm not going to the gym. I then realized that people will start to notice that I'm just as flabby as I was and am obviously not going to the gym. I'm a gym poser. Wearing gym clothes absolves me from doing my hair or putting on make up.

  5. @Emily: I honestly didn't even realize you were wearing yoga pants this morning. I do, however, think that if you're at your own house, anything goes. If I am close enough to someone to invite them to my house or go to yours I don't care what you're wearing as long as we're hanging out!

    @Amy: I'm just the opposite. I feel like if I'm dressed, I don't have to wear makeup or do anything special. Getting dressed, for me, is hard enough!

  6. mary,
    i'm busted, too! i sometimes wear black yoga pants as pants - but not often. like on our flight to ethiopia - totally wore black yoga pants. i think, as long as they don't have a drawstring, they can look more outfit-ish. i've worn them with a cardigan and tee shirt and felt it was acceptable attire. however, like i said, they are much more the exception than the rule for me.



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