14 December 2009

White Elephants and Man Rooms

So how is everyone today? It's mid-December and the Holiday season is in full swing. We finally got our tree this weekend and LN and I decorated it yesterday. When I say decorated I mean, I asked her where she wanted the ornaments to go, she pointed to the same spot every time and after she turned her back I moved it. I really didn't want all the ornaments in one small clump in the corner.

Last night the lovely ladies and I had a Cookie Exchange/White Elephant Gift Exchange party. It was as awesome as it was last year! I got a great sign that reads:

"Put On Your Big Girl Panties and Deal With It"

It's teal with black letters and I hung it up in the 'Man Room'.

The 'Man Room' you say? Well when we moved into our house two years ago yesterday the Mr. was getting all pouty because I was calling all of the decorating 'shots'. We have a small room at the foot of the stairs that was claimed to be a bedroom, but really is more of a study. So the Mr. claimed that room as his own. Thus, the 'Man Room' was born. Why the use of quotes you ask? Well, because after awhile I got fed up with not having a place to set up my crafty/sewing stuff and took over a part of the room. So really, it's not a Man Room, it's a study, throw your junk in when company is coming over, sometimes spare bedroom room. We still call it the Man Room though, it makes the Mr. feel good.


  1. Ha! Brian wants a "Man Cave" area in the basement (TV area for just him) and I told him that if he wants it, he needs to add onto the house (and even then, I am doubting he gets it). ;)

  2. I love that you put the sign in his man room. Hahahaha! Emily B.

  3. I thought you were going to use it to inspire LN at potty training time.

  4. @Amy, I didn't glue it down, it can easily be moved!

    The Mr. was trying to justify why it was ok to have it in his room by saying that if you aren't 'Man' enough to be in there then at least put on your big girl panties. Whatever Mr. Nice try!



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