15 December 2009

Confession #3

"Let's go driving in an automobile...let's take a ride in the car..."

One of my favorite things to do is drive. I think it might be because I grew up in the country and I found a lot of relaxation from driving back roads around the country. There is nothing more peaceful than a summer night driving around with your windows down, listening to the frogs chirping, and the breeze blowing. Once LN was born the one sure-fire way to get her asleep was to put her in the car. We did a lot of driving those first few months; I'd randomly drive around or I'd head to a park so I could read in the car and then take her for a walk afterwards. Even now she loves to go in the car and will often ask to go for a ride. When the Mr. and I travel I am the primary driver for the rental, partly because I'm a bit obsessive compulsive, but mostly because if I'm just riding I get so bored. I can't read in the car and that sucks, if I could I might let him drive once in a while!

Sometimes I feel guilty for the amount that I drive. We're in the car at least once a day. Especially in the winter! In the summer I can sometimes get by with just walking, but there's no way that I could take LN out for that extended period of time in the winter. We do only have one car though. It's paid off, nine years old and when it dies we'll get a new one. It's not the prettiest car, but I can always find it in the parking lot! (It's bright yellow) When we do get another car it will be as fuel efficient and as environmentally friendly as we can afford. I would hate to go into debt just so I can drive the newest, bestest car on the market. That's not the way we work. It will, however, have remote start. We live in the city and park in the street which means that I often can't start the car and let it run before we leave. That is one thing I will upgrade for. Oh, and a radio that works.

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