10 December 2009

Holiday Music

So I'll admit that I was a little Scroogey after we got back from Arizona. The Holidays kind of snuck up on me and flying back the day before December started did nothing for my inner Elf. So here it is December 10th and I'm still struggling a bit to get into that 'Holiday Spirit'. Driving along in the snow, ice and cold, blowing wind has not really helped either.

Do you know what has helped (besides the glass or two of wine before bed every night...) is listening to the all Holiday, all the Time station in the car.

Not that I really have a choice. You see along with the one broken side mirror and the other mirror that no longer has a mirror my car's stereo hasn't worked since last winter. The six CD player still works, but that gets old and this mama likes to listen to her NPR in the car. (Ha, that rhymed) So one day last week, for a lark, I decided to turn the radio on. Lo and behold it worked! Well, 107.9, the Oldies station worked. The other stations? Hit and Miss, with an emphasis on the Miss. So Oldies and, for the rest of the month, Holiday music it is. I can't say I can complain that much. We've stayed out of the malls and other stores so I haven't been inundated with the Holiday Musak this year. It's kind of nice to get in the car and sing some ditties for LN. She likes it and it honestly lifts my mood a bit too. So hooray for Holiday Music!

Tomorrow I'll bring you a list of some of my favorites. Mostly oldies but goodies. What you guys think I get out and have time to check out new Holiday music? Ha! I also have time to get my eyebrows waxed and a pedicure, my house is clean and I make dinner every night. In the my dreams!

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  1. My little miss and I have been listening to the Elf soundtrack today and she has been dancing ...how can you not get in the mood with things like that?
    Glad to know you are getting in the spirit!



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