01 October 2009

Five Things I Can't Leave the House Without- Fall Edition

Happy October 1st!

So I think it's fair to say that the season's have changed. I look outside and the trees are waving wildly around in the grey light. In the house I reluctantly turned on the furnace and I have an odd twitch to bake--even more than normal. The strange thing about this time of year is how quick the temps move around. For example; this morning I was folding laundry (really! I was!) and I came across a sleeveless sun dress of LN's...that she wore last week. And this morning I was at Target buying her slippers. Crazy.

So with the new change of season's means that I also change the stuff I carry with me. Well, some stuff changes and some I keep. Let's see:
  1. Reusable coffee mug: I bought my sweet twelve ounce coffee mug on a road trip to Cali years ago. The coffee shop no longer exists there, but the mug is the PERFECT size for a quick cup o' joe or some tea. It's either filled up at home or waiting in the car for when that Vitamin D deficiency, caffeine craving kicks in.
  2. Scarf: I posted at the beginning of this week about my newest wardrobe staple. As the temps continue to decline it becomes less and less about fashion and more and more about necessity. I never leave the house now without something around my neck. Stylish and warm, that's how I roll.
  3. Socks: I know this must seem like a strange thing to add, but I have to admit; I hate wearing socks. In fact when I 'grew up' I made my own rule that I wouldn't have to wear socks until there was snow on the ground. Well, I've relaxed my own rule a bit the past year or so and when the weather turns rainy and cold I break them out. This year I hope to splurge a get me a nice pair of Smart Wool (or two or three :) ) Want to get me a Christmas gift? I particularly like these in Chestnut.
  4. Lip Balm: The Minnesota winters play havoc on any skin that is exposed, so starting now I start conditioning my lips and keep them well hydrated. I am a firm believer in Burt's Bees, although this winter I may try and find something with a hint to tint. Suggestions?
  5. Everything from the Last List: Everything I wrote about in August? Yep, they make a comeback in the Fall, because those are really the essentials.
What can't you leave the house without?


  1. Lip Balm. Big yes here!! I have one everywhere; car, purses, coats...etc. I like BB's and their tinted stuff is good too.

    Also forgot to comment on the laundry/bedroom problem....same here. I havne't seen the floor of my bedroom in months due to laundry just everywhere.

  2. Well I can't leave the house without my kid because well...she's my job.

    In the winter - it's my brown boots. Love them. Throw them over jeans, sweatpants, whatever.

    This winter I won't leave home without my Aunt's gloves. She passed away last year and I salvaged some of her winter things because they still have her scent. I'll think of her everyday:)

  3. My SIL got me some SmartWool socks at Marshalls, so keep an eye out. I also would see a lot of their stuff at Nordstrom Rack.

  4. And what can't I leave the house without?
    My phone. ;)

  5. Lip balm is a must. I had to buy some at a gas station during my lunch break this week because I needed it that badly. Turns out gas stations are like airports. Everything is marked up like a bazillion times.



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