11 August 2009

Five Things I Can't Leave The House Without- August

Here's a list of the five items I have in my possession at all times, at least for this week. The list is bound to change.

1.) Cell Phone:
It's not fancy and I hate to text, but I've been known to drive backwards great lengths to retrieve my cell phone. I have two fears regarding this: I'll fall down the stairs and break both legs and won't be able to call for help, I lock Little Nib in the car/house with the keys and she's screaming to be let out.

2.) Munchkin Snack Catcher:
Not to be confused with the Snack Trap. Whoever invented this gadget is a genius. Let's kids eat snacks without spilling them all over. Usually filled with some kind of raisin, goldfish, pretzel goodness. Pure awesome.

3.) Lipgloss:
I have one in my purse and one in my car at all times. For those mornings when I forget to look in the mirror before I leave the house, at least I can look somewhat put together.

4.) Blog Notebook:
Dear Big Cheese bought me a special notebook with a world map on the cover when I decided to start this blog. Now I don't go anywhere without it. You may have seen me at the side of the road hastily jotting down post ideas...my memory ain't what it used to be.

And finally...

5.) Water Bottle/Sippy Cup:
I never leave the house without my water bottle. And I certainly never leave the house without a sippy cup for Little Nib, been there done that and it was not pretty. Who does not need extra hydration?

What things are always on your person?


  1. you hate to text? oh miss. I never knew!!!

  2. I do it because I live in the 21st Century and don't want to feel 'old'. But really? I'd rather just call you up or send you an email. I think it's because I'm lazy and talk to much. :)

  3. Hey Mary, I'm so excited you have blog! I remember once that I was going to ask you if you had one because for some reason I could just see you having one. :) I started ours after the new year and have become pretty obssesed with the blog world since...it's fun! :) Actually I started it because I failed miserably at scrap booking, baby books and all that good stuff so it's original main purpose was to make up for that. :)

  4. Hi Laura! I didn't know you blogged! Thanks for stopping by here, I'll have to check out your blog soon. I have a few friends that blog and they seemed to really get a lot out of it, so I thought I'd try my hand at it. So far, so good!

    You and your family are so beautiful! I'm happy for you!



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