10 September 2009


Little Nib is a great traveler. I can pack her up, and away we go! Generally in the car we listen to mix CDs, sing some songs, she reads a few books, babbles and has a snack or two. We've been riding like this pretty much from day one. When she would not nap I would throw her in the car and magically she would fall asleep, somedays it was the only thirty minutes of peace I would have in a day. I look forward to our drives, clears our heads and makes us ready for the next adventure.

So LN and I were driving this morning running errands. Not an altogether unusual scene. We're singing away to the Juno soundtrack when I realize that it's gotten kind of quiet back there. I'm on the freeway so I can't really look back to see what's going on. I ask LN what she's doing and I hear a riot of giggles. Hmmm, this can't be good. So I pull off onto my exit and slow down for the light. I finally turn around and start giggling myself. LN has taken my stinky gym shirt from my gym bag and has it draped over her head. She laughs and laughs and then pulls it down and says, "Peek!" You see, there's a mirror on the back of the seat and LN has been playing peek-a-boo with herself and finding herself the most Hil-a-rious person ever. I am pretty sure that she could play this game for hours, but unfortunately we had to go into a store.

It's moments like that that make me super happy to be a Stay at Home Mom. The moments that show LN blossoming into a brand new person, discovering the world and enjoying herself. She makes me laugh so hard! Makes up for the nine months of pregnancy, year of no sleep/nursing and the no nap days. Almost.

What makes you break out into giggles?
What makes your day?

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