14 August 2009

The Weekend- Aug. 15-16

Well, the PGA is in town, as is the Big Cheese's twin brother and that adds up to a lot of time for the Little Nib and I to fill. But luckily the weather is warm, the sun will be out and we will be out and about. Here's a sampling of what we'll be up to:


  • Breakfast with a dear friend, early in the morning before she heads to work. Hopefully some place where we can sit outside. Although then it may be hard to contain the Nib.
  • Heading to North Mississippi Regional Park (a great park) and meeting another PGA widow and her two boys. Should be a blast. LN loves to run in and out of the pool...and the showers, well, mostly the showers.
  • Heading up to Grandma's for a little one and one time. Maybe dinner and then catching up with the Twin Cheese.
  • Reading some more of My Life in France, by Julia Child. I'm headed to see it at The Heights theatre with my lovely lady friends on Monday, so I should finish the book before then.

  • Breakfast with the family before the boys head back out to the PGA. Maybe at Keys, a truly yummy spot.
  • Handing LN to Grandma so I can do finish up some painting I've been doing upstairs. Painting is hard work, made even more difficult with a 15 month old running around.
  • After nap and LN being returned headed to The Lantern Lighting Festival at Como Park/Zoo. Been meaning to go for years, this may just be the weekend to do it.

What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. sitting and doing NOTHING for a change! i'll be keeping my eye on this MP!

  2. Sounds like a full on weekend MP!! Loving your blog :))

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend!

    I'm going to breakfast with my dad and brother tomorrow morning, then working in the afternoon. Sunday I think I'll just relax!

  4. Love the blog! We might try to see you guys at the latern festival.
    Lauren S.

  5. Connie Mia: You deserve to sit and do nothing this week, you've been go, go, go for weeks now! I'm hoping to plan a trip to you in the near future...

    Debbie: Thanks! It will be busy, but that's the way we like things around here.

    Michelle: Thanks for stopping by! I think Sunday as a day of relaxing sounds fantastic, just don't work too hard on Saturday!

    Lauren: Hope to see you and C there! It should be a fun time.



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