27 July 2010

Tales of a Two Year Old

Potty training is an exercise of patience, control and humor on the part of the child, the parents and any other innocent bystander that gets caught in the way.  Luckily for us the Little Lady has done quite well for a wee person of her age.  We try to minimize and downplay accidents and have the mantra, "Pee and poop go in the potty.  Pee and poop go in the potty."  (Imagine us swaying back and forth while clapping our hands.  Oh, the kinds of adults our kids reduce us to.)

So the other week a friend of ours came to stay with us and accidentally got some paint on her arm as she was helping me paint our back porch.  The LL was quite concerned and asked if she had an accident and if she was ok and if she needed a bandaid or a kiss to make it feel better.  Our friend replied, no, she was fine and then asked if the LL ever had accidents.

"Yes, I have accidents.  I pee myself."

Spoken in a kind of sad, matter of fact voice.  Like she was discussing the war in Afghanistan or the housing crisis.  She sadly shook her head.  Sometimes I swear this "Little Lady" of ours is actually a very tiny, very  wise old woman.


  1. that's really funny! indi's 3 and 3 months and still not potty trained. wah wah

  2. LOL! I can picture her saying. Soooo cute!



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