30 July 2010

Summer Time, and The Living Is Easy.

The last forty eight hours have been the kind of serendipitous summer time that I dream about all through January and February.  Perfect temperatures, light wind, sun and a casual, laid-back schedule.  It all started with a lazy afternoon outdoors.  The Little Lady chased bubbles, then we laid out our blankets and read our books.  LL read hers and I read mine.  At one point she looked at me and said, "Your book good mama?"  Seriously, this kid just keeps getting better and better.

The next morning we had an impromptu coffee date with some friends.  We sat out on the patio and chatted while the kids ran around and entertained each other.  Besides that one window licking incident, the coffee was great and the pastries delicious.  After, we walked a few blocks to a new, great park.  Let the kids run off some of the sugar they had just ingested before walking back and heading home.  Then to cap it all off the LL and I went to a BBQ with some old friends of mine and she was just great.  The only kid there and not one tantrum, not one fit, disagreement nor any sass.  I was relieved and my friends were impressed.  The only thing that could have made this all better would have been to have the Mr. around for our fun.

Here's wishing you some serendipitous summer time this weekend!  
What's your idea of a perfect summer day?

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