23 July 2010

Five Things Friday- Summer Drinks

Hello good peeps!  It's currently 79 degrees in sunny Minneapolis and I think it's high time I shared my favorite summer drinks with you.  Whether you are chilling on a patio, sipping around a campfire or simply sitting in front of your A/C, here are five tasty, cool, refreshing drinks for your  pleasure.  What about you?  What do you imbibe in the summer?

  1. Moscow Mule:  I had this for the first time at the beginning of summer and it is just about perfect.  Ginger beer (not ginger ale), vodka and lime come together to form the most refreshing drink you can have on a patio.  Sweet, spicy, with a nice little kick.
  2. Surly's Cynic Ale:  A light colored ale with a nice kick at the end.  I could drink pints and pints of this brew.  It's the ideal beer for a back yard BBQ.
  3. Arnold Palmer:  Part tart lemonade, part sweet iced tea.  Love this combination in the summer time, especially in the afternoons!  Nothing like a little caffeine kick to get you through the rest of a muggy day.
  4. Starbucks Iced Coffee with Milk:  Not Caribou, not Dunn Bros or the coffee house down the block.  For my every other coffee needs I'll go there, but iced coffee?  This is my favorite, my drink of choice in the summer mornings.  These remind me of sitting on the patio in China; grading papers and watching the world go by.  
  5. San Pellegrino Limonata:  Hands down my favorite soda (well, except for Diet Coke...)  Effervescent, tart, bubbly and to me, it tastes just like summer.  The Mr.'s work carries it in their communal fridge and I often ask him to swipe me one on the way home from work.  Delicious.  

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. I agree on the Starbucks Iced Coffee with Milk. For some reason no one does it better.

  2. I'm in agreement for the last three. Plus I will add Gin and Tonic, margaritas and my own special recipe of ice coffee

  3. Starbucks just does it right! Their Cold Press is the best.

    @Amy, it was hard not to add a 6th and put in margaritas...I'm not a tequila fan, but a good margarita on the rocks in the summer...on a patio...perfecto!

  4. mary i am really enjoying your blog! your posts are so entertaining. just wanted to let you know! oh and the counting post really made me laugh! that has never happened to us - yet, which surprises me. and now that i put that in writing it is destined to happen soon! have a great weekend!

  5. Mary,

    Keep on Blogging. I don't really have five top faves to drink in Summer because, here in Nigeria, it's always Summer :( But my five fave drinks here are very different than the Western World. So I'll list both.

    Naija faves:
    1. Baileys on the Rocks
    2. Smirnoff Ice or my homemade version with a bottle of Limca (a soda that's like squirt meets sprite) with two shots of vodka-Yum!
    3. Power Horse Energy Drink with Vodka (Yeah, I know it's terrible for me)
    4. My homemade White Sangria with fresh mango puree
    5. My homemade Iced Coffee
    6. A bottle of Coke, Limca or Fanta Orange

    US Summer drinks:
    1. A cosmo
    2. Mangotini
    3. Cuba Libre
    4. Starbucks iced coffee with half/half and a shot of hazelnut syrup
    5. Mango Smoothies

    I love reading your posts. Makes me miss Minneapolis.


  6. Mary,

    Check out the link below from my favorite magazine. You might find some new faves!






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