09 July 2010

Five Things Friday- Post Vacay Edition

I just spent the last six days at a cabin in the northern part of Minnesota, on a lake, with my in-laws.  I'm not really sure what end is up, what food I have in my fridge or where dinner is coming from.  Also, on a side note, why does my house always smell a little funky after being gone a few days?  Does it always smell that way?  But I digress.  Here is my Five Things Friday list for this week, a look at five things that are perfectly acceptable to do on vacation; but are not advisable for the other weeks in your year.  Happy Friday everyone!

  1. Opening a beer anytime before noon.  Generally not advisable if you work outside the home, or if you are the primary caregiver to a small child.  After noon; 12:00 and one second, however, are all acceptable times to crack one open, if you want my opinion.
  2. Wearing your swimsuit from sunrise to sunset.  I would say that most days I would find it a little bit ranky to be wearing your suit all day, but there is something deliciously vacationingy about eating breakfast and dinner in a swim suit.
  3. Your only thoughts are, "When do we eat again?"  Really, for me, there is nothing better than vacation eating.  Splurging, just a little bit, on the foods that you don't normally eat or take the time to make.  Like this trifle, or these almonds, or eating all of your meals grilled.  Yum.
  4. Forgetting what day it is.  No really, I had to think about it for about five minutes until I realized I could do a Five Things Friday post today.  I had no idea where I was in my week.  Ah, isn't that the best feeling?  Forget about asking me what the date is!
  5. Magazines!  I hardly have the time most days/weeks to read magazines and thus have stopped all my subscriptions.  However, whenever I fly or am vacationing I indulge and buy a few 'zines.  Man, I love vacation!
What kinds of things do you do on vacation?

1 comment:

  1. Showers in the evenings because either you are just getting to it or because there was no point until dinner. More dinners out than being cooked (thus the shower in the evening...one doesn't want to show up at a restaurant stinky). Bad magazines (People, US Weekly, ect...).



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