25 May 2010

Things I Learned Today

  1. When you peruse target.com before you make a Target run, make sure the the product you picked out and have decided on is actually available in store. Not just online.
  2. Finding a bathing suit with a two year old in the dressing room should either be the government's newest torture technique, or the newest event in the X Games.
  3. When your little lady turns two your entire house will be turned pink. Everything from her clothing, to her toys to her new beach towel. If you have the audacity to offer her another color, you will get the stink eye.
  4. When you finally pick out a pool for you little lady to play in and ask the pubescent guy working in the aisle if you need a pump to blow it up. Don't listen to him. Even if he says it only takes "fifteen minutes" to blow up, with a bike pump; it will take you over two hours to get it half inflated.
  5. Next time, double the kid's Target wage and make him blow up the d*mn pool.
  6. An inch of water to a two year old is just as fun as a whole pool. Luckily, because that's all you could keep in the pool as you were pumping air into it.
  7. Inflating a pool in a flat yard would be infinitesimally easier than pumping it up in mine.
  8. Using a bike pump for two hours is like giving the world's longest...well, let's just say that this pool is no "Two Pump Chump."
  9. No matter where you sit while you pump, the sun will find you. And it will fry you a crispy, crispy red.
  10. Two hours of arm exercise earns you a beer and a large bowl of ice cream.
  11. Spending all day outside makes for one tired little lady, and one tired mama.

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