13 May 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

After an absolutely beautiful start to Spring we had the wettest, chilliest ten days possible. What makes it even more difficult is that the weather was so nice before! Sixty degrees in mid-March? Yes please! Transitioning to a rainy, cold week hasn't been easy. Especially for a mom and kiddo that love to spend time at the P.A.R.K. Ever try explaining to a two year old why they can't go to the park they just passed? You'll hear a chorus of, "The slide wet mama." over and over for the next few hours. Just as they quit...you'll pass another park.

We've been surviving the weather, but I can tell you we're looking forward to the sun and seventy degree weather coming tomorrow and this weekend! So I have a record for the next rainy week we have, I thought I'd make a short list of the things that keep us sane while we spend the time indoors.

  • Extra Bath Time: Warm, steamy, wet fun. Rain boots in the tub are optional.
  • A New Book or Two: Whether you head to your library or your local bookstore is up to you. Either way, pick up one for you and your kiddo. You deserve one too!
  • Build a Couch Fort: Best way to spend the afternoon and arguably the perfect spot to peruse those new books you just brought home.
  • Have an extra shot of caffeine: Whether it's an extra cup of tea, joe or Diet Coke is up to you. Just don't shy away from that extra glass; 3:00PM is no time to be fighting back yawns.
  • Dance Party: We spend a lot of time surfing around on Pandora. Chances are good that if you come over the laptop will be open and we will be dancing around the kitchen listening to some tunes.
  • New, indoor play space. (Check the malls) More and more malls are creating indoor play spaces for kids, which is awesome. Let your kid run a bit, splurge and get an Orange Julius for a special snack.
  • Messy Art Projects: Now is the time to break out those paints/glitter. What else have you to do besides cleaning that colossal mess?
  • Baking: Ditto with the baking. Chocolate chip cookies are always a favorite around here. Or if you're lazy like me you can just press them in a pan and cut them into squares. Done and done.
Enjoy your time inside. Let's hope for sun tomorrow!

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  1. it looks like you and i use a lot of the same tactics. we love the library and i just ordered two new books for myself, too. YAY! the kids make couch forts all the time. i think our couch cushions might be off more than they are on. love pandora and middle of the day baths (although not often together). :) we also love art projects and the kids LOVE glitter - but my husband has put a ban on glitter, at least for now. kill joy, i know...



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