25 May 2010

My New Favorite Lipgloss

I just wanted to take a quick minute to tell you about my new favorite lip gloss. Now, don't you all go thinking that I'm some sort of beauty know it all. Heck, I still consider wearing mascara and eyeliner to be making myself up. However, my dear friend Emily always has a new lipgloss and always looks fabulous. Likewise, my friend Connie also looks great at all times and has a firm handle on the whole make-up thing.

So when she told me I had to use this lipgloss, I listened.

What is this lip gloss you ask? It's the Minty Lip Shine by Victoria's Secret, in their Beauty Rush line. Victoria's Secret? Yeah, I know. I was dubious at first too. But this lip gloss is as if Burt's Bees Original lip balm and your favorite clear gloss got together for one night of hot, naughty fun and produced a love child. It's clear, shiny, minty and doesn't make my lips all sticky. I don't have to reapply every ten seconds and for me, that just about makes it perfect. And it's affordable and tastes good to boot. I would say it's almost replaced my Dr. Pepper Lipsmackers as my go-to lip color. Almost.

So if you're in the market for a new gloss, give it a try. They're even on sale and come in a few other colors.

No, Victoria's Secret did not pay me to write this. I'm just telling you about a product that I like and use often. Sharing the love, if you will. But wouldn't it be cool if someone did pay me to write a review? I'm just saying.

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  1. thanks for the shout out! and i'm glad you're loving it as much as i do :)

    you're welcome ;)



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