06 May 2010


I've been quite busy around these parts! We house/dog sat for my in-laws last Thursday until this Tuesday and coming back has me feeling like coming home from vacation...except we didn't get to go anywhere fun. My house is a huge pit and I've got lists coming out of my ears of things I need to accomplish. Luckily, it's kind of fun stuff. Organizing, cleaning, painting, creating, buying, giving. All in anticipation of putting the house up for sale. My little sister is coming this weekend to entertain the little lady so that the Mr. and I can finish some things around the house. It's been a busy week, sorry the posting has been light. Hopefully once some things are sorted out hopefully the posts that are ratting around my head will see the light of day!

Until then, say "Yes" to something today. Commit to something that makes you smile.

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