21 May 2010

Five Things Friday- Things I Have Within My Reach

Happy Friday everyone! I know I'm glad that the week is almost over. I have lots to do this weekend and a fun potluck to attend tonight with the Little Lady. Hope you all have fun plans for the weekend too! Enjoy!
  1. Wii Controller: Used for starting Dora the Explorer from Netflix Watch Instantly. Seriously the best use of the Wii yet.
  2. Two Cameras: Apparently I have photos I need to download and edit. Perhaps tonight that will get done. Probably not. They are this one and this one.
  3. Electric Blue Nail Polish: The Little Lady and I now have matching toes. She's in love and oh so proud of having "big girl" toes.
  4. Three Crossword Puzzle Books: Random fact you may not know about me; I love me some crossword puzzles. In fact, it was on my list of things for my Mother in Law to bring when we were in China. I only love the easy ones though.
  5. My other laptop: Because I want to listen to this book, but the library only has it in WMA format, which is not compatible with my Mac. Really, the first time I've bemoaned owning a Mac! Although, I just need to download something to convert the file to a Mp3...just add it to the list for tonight.


  1. I am curently listening to "finding nouf" at work and seriously having hard time working :)

  2. I'm glad to hear that it is good! I just need to find that converter program again...



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