12 May 2010

Dear Jillian...

Dear Jillian Michaels:

I loved you on the Biggest Loser. That no nonsense, bitchy style served you well. But now that you're invading my home and are taking over my TV? Yeah, I'm not feeling the love anymore.

You like to talk about how you were once in our shoes. How you'd like to have abs similar to your super fit demonstrators, and you'd do anything (not just about anything) to get them. Well yeah, I would too...unless it involves me doing hundreds of crunches and listening to you for twenty minutes or more everyday.

But, you've promised me that if I keep with it, I too will have rock hard abs and be in the best shape of my life. I believe that you even said I was on my way to being "shredded". Whatever that means. (And let's be honest, that doesn't sound like much fun, does it?) So I will continue to stick you in my DVD player a couple times a week. The cover says the workout is only twenty minutes, but I'm pretty sure someone is lying. Let's just agree to twenty minutes of invasion only. Twenty minutes in; and then you're out.

Good luck with your abs,



  1. Oh Jillian...the longest 20 minutes of your life! (I think it's about 28 minutes with warm up and cool down). Enjoy, and be careful (especially at the 3rd level)...the jury is still out on if her DVDs assisted in all or some of my medical woes!

  2. Good to know Kelly! I'm sticking to Level One for now...and probably a long while. Hope you're feeling better and getting some answers...

  3. Looking forward to getting this in Netflix today... Although, I'm a little worried after reading Kelly's comment... I'll stick to Level One.



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