01 March 2010

Oh Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun...

The sun is shining, the birds are singing and everyone in this part of the world is looking forward to spring. Snow is melting, green grass is tentatively poking up and I'm not listening to those of you who keep reminding me that March is typically the snowiest month. Shush. Let me enjoy my sunshine and meltiness; at least for today. This weekend we took our bikes in for a tune-up, which means that biking around town is just around the corner! We also took a bunch of walks around the neighborhood and our favorite places around town. It was fantastic.

It's so nice that I think a walk is in order for this afternoon. Wearing our (wait for it...) Spring Jackets! So if it's sunny where you are today, go and take a walk. You deserve a little taste of Spring after the long Winter!


  1. We never have winter here. But I took four walks in 120 plus degree heat and loved it!

  2. 120 degrees? That's crazy! I don't think I would deal well in that heat. Good for you though, four walks!

  3. Spring jackets are good, no jackets are great! I can't wait for that day.



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