30 March 2010

New Year's List Update

Hello folks! I can't wait for the little lady to wake up today so we can go outside and enjoy this spectacular Spring weather. Sixty-nine degrees and the wind is out of the South! A perfect day for the park, followed by some free, yummy pizza. Is it really still March?!

So I wanted to give a little update on my New Year's list. You know, the one over there --->? So far I have very little crossed off of my list. I attended the Open House. I made a decision about Grad School and my application will be completed and sent in before April 1st (yes, I am aware that is Thursday). I am planning out most of my meals every week, but I would like to become more consistent. I have an idea I will outline in a future post. I have two failures and they are that I have decided to forgo the Couch to 5K program. I just have to come to terms that I don't like running, it doesn't feel good to me and I can't commit to something right now that takes so much time. Maybe in the future. So no 5Ks for me. And I have decided against the Wii Fit, I can't justify the expense right now and I honestly don't have the time when I am home. Maybe I'll invest in a Cardio DVD or two. That seems more reasonable.

The rest of the list? Well, now that the weather is getting warmer it will be a little easier to get outside and accomplish them. I'm looking forward to the outdoor events and spending quality time in the fresh air. Seriously, I ask myself all Winter long why I live in the Mid-West. If the Spring/Summer months weren't so wonderful I don't think it would be worth it.

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