24 March 2010

Just Awesome

Today is one of those days that most things just seem to go right. The little lady woke at a decent hour and sat in bed and talked with us until 7am. Then she actually ate breakfast and colored quietly so I could check Facebook and my email. The dishes were put in the dishwasher, no toys were taken out, so the house remained some sort of clean.

After the Mr. left for work we got in the car and drove over to a new friend's house for one of the best play dates we've ever had. Kids played. Moms drank coffee and chatted. There were no tears. No fights. No drama. Plus, the sun shone. Hallelujah! To make it even better the kid fell asleep on the way home and is still happily sleeping upstairs in her room. OMG, I feel like I'm jinxing something.

I'm pretty sure something terrible will happen when she wakes up.

After nap time we'll head to the park, because it's Spring in Minnesota! Where dad will come and pick up the little lady so I can get my hair cut and spend some time with a friend. Really, this might be the perfect day.

Or maybe it's just because I haven't been sh*t or puked on. The first day in almost six days. But the stomach flu is not something I want to discuss today. Really, it's for your sakes, not mine.

I hope that the rest of your day goes well too. The sun is shining, is it not? It can't be all bad then. :) And if it is, just remember that tomorrow is almost always a better day.


  1. Yay for awesome days! You deserved one. :)

  2. Thanks Kate! I think I deserve one too. One can only take so much toddle puke...



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