26 March 2010

Five Things Friday- Stuff I'm Good At

Because I may seem like I don't like myself very much, because the sun is shining today and because I scored two awesome Little Black Dresses on clearance yesterday I'm going to let you in on five awesome things I am good at. Toot, toot! Here goes my horn!
  1. Hand Rolled Cigarettes: I studied in Alnwick, England for a semester in college and when I headed over there I was flat out broke. I have always been a prolific social smoker, so I asked one of my good guy buddies to teach me to "roll my own". They're awesome and so much cheaper! I still can roll a mean cigarette, but don't anymore since the tobacco usually goes stale before I can finish a whole pouch.
  2. Best Dish Picker: I have this knack of picking the best stuff on the menu. Usually when I order something at a restaurant the Mr. ends up wanting to switch with me. I just know what is going to be good! The same can be said of my ability to pick out restaurants, my intuition is mostly right on.
  3. People Reader: Are they really mean? Or just socially awkward? Are they trying to insult you? Or are they endearingly blunt? Worth your time, or best to be left by the curb? I have the knack of reading people and can usually tell within a couple of meetings if I should add or delete their number from my phone. I give everyone a chance, but I have pretty decent nice-dar.
  4. Fabric Whisperer: I have this knack with sewing. Fabric and I? Yeah, we are like this. Nothing I make is overly elaborate or complicated, but when fabric and I get together, we like to jive. Finding the fabric and co-ordinating it all together? That's another story.
  5. Super Mom: I kiss boom-booms, make special treats, build forts and read stories with all of the voices. I am the best mom for this little lady and she in turn is the best kid for our family. I may not always get it right or it may take some time for me to figure it out, but in the end there is no body that gets this kid the way I do. Well, right now. We'll talk again when she's a teenager.
Happy Friday Everyone! Have a glorious weekend!


  1. Nice-dar. I love it! However you forgot being an awesome friend for your list of things you rock at.

  2. Aww, thanks Kate! I have to admit my Nice-dar went off after I met you! ;)



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