05 February 2010

Winter Doldrums

It's the beginning of February and we in the Northern Half of the World have another solid two months of winter left. I've stayed positive up until this point. Days filled with activities. Mornings at the gym. Projects at the house. Lots of good snuggles and movies. Anything to fill the days. But I think the truth has started to sink in.

We have cabin fever.

Even on the days that we do have a full day planned, we still end up at home. What was once a wonderfully cozy, happy to be, laughter-filled home has become boring, messy, I can't wait to leave house. Eh. I would say overall I still feel pretty good, but... But...

I think I'm ready for Spring.

So I've decided that I am going to beat this funk. No down.in.the.dumps.February for me this year. I'm going to get organized, motivated and beat this winter at it's own game. On Monday I'm going to have a list of ways that you can beat your own mid-Winter slump. Ways to stave off boredom and crazy, house-bound looniness. They won't all be fun. No siree, but they will help you get motivated and hopefully take your mind away. Yes, together we will beat this Season. Until then, have a fantastic weekend. Go out and enjoy the new snow, the warm(er) weather and the Super Bowl commercials. I'll be back here Monday, throwing you all a life line.

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