23 February 2010


Posting has been rather spotty around here lately. Have you noticed? I try, with the best of intentions, to pop out a blog post durning nap time everyday. However, nap time has been non-existent around these parts lately. I think I've finally figured the nap equation out again, so hopefully we can get back on schedule.

The other thing is that I have felt lately that I just don't have enough time. I'm trying to become more organized, prioritize what I really want to get done, be a present mom, get some "me" time in, go to the gym, spend time as a family, go back to school, be a good friend, put the house on the market, plan for a potential move, decide if I want another kid and generally just be happy.

Hmmm. No wonder I'm running out of hours in the day!

I feel like my house has become more organized; I've been committed to cleaning out closets and purging them and the other areas of junk collection in the house. It's not perfect, but it's getting there. The other 500 million things? Well, they're getting there. The problem is that it's hard to prioritize this blog when the house is a mess and someone is yelling, "Mooom, mommy! Mama, mom!" I like to think that this space qualifies as "me" time, however I just need to make time in my hypothetical, non-existent schedule. That's one of the things about having kids. They are on a strict, do not veer from, do or die routine. The problem is that they switch it up once every couple or weeks or so. Just in case parenting wasn't hard enough in the first place.

So bear with me for a little bit as I try to re-organize (or just plain organize...) my life. I should be back to regular scheduled posting soon. Or whenever this little lady decides that napping is part of her regular scheduled programming again.


  1. My little ms has decided naps are back in the schedule, after I got used to her not taking them...I don't get it. I think they do these things to keep us on our toes.

  2. Agreed Lauren. They do it to primarily F* our systems, plans, routines and schedules. Who said kids need consistency? ;)

  3. M-

    I have so many questions for you, but I never seem to find the time to write a letter letter to you. Just enough to sneak in a post card. So expect one soon. Anyway, I will make time when I go to the doctor's office today.

    In the meantime, send me yours and the little nibs measurements. That is if you want any fun African clothes. send it to katherine.lawal@aun.edu.ng for some reason I am not getting all of my gmail e-mails.

    Hope all is well! Blog more. I love it.






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