01 January 2010

The New Year's List

So since my post on Wednesday I've been thinking about the goals and things that I want to accomplish and finish this year. I have a number of projects that I would like to complete and see finished by this time next year. Some of them are dorky, some of them are fun. Some pertain to the family, some are solely personal to me. Enough with the talking about it already, let's go to the list!
(Note: I'm not even going to number them, I don't want to inadvertently place importance on one over another. These are all important and can be finished in any order.)
  • Attend the Masters of ESL Open House at Hamline and make a decision about Grad School.
  • Find a new family tradition that we can do year round. Maybe one night a month is indoor picnic/camping night.
  • Contact our Realtor to set in motion putting our house on the market later this Spring.
  • Buy the Wii Balance Board and commit to using it; especially with LN.
  • Plan out my weekly meals to cut down on grocery costs and last minute meal planning stress.
  • Go to an outdoor concert.
  • Finish my Teaching English as a Foreign Language certificate.
  • Go to the Schell Brewery tour.
  • Add new and interesting content to my blog by ways of specific topics and 'columns'.
  • See an opera with the Mr.
  • Start the Couch to 5K program and run a 5K this Spring/Summer.
  • Cook from the cookbooks that I have at home, take photos of process and results.
  • Send in a Postcard to Postsecret.
  • Organize closets and cupboards; donating and tossing items as needed.
  • Keep in contact with friends; send packages and letters.
  • Cook/bake with LN more often.
  • Have a Slumber Party with my Lovely Lady friends.
  • Go to the top of Foshay Tower.
  • Take out the camera and take pictures of an Alphabet.
You know the best part of the list? See it? It's over there---on the right. So you can keep up with me as I cross each of these nice little tasks off of my list.


  1. I will help/ support you in the following:
    Go to an outdoor concert - we go to the ones on Lake Harriet all summer, you will simply have to join us.
    Finish my Teaching English as a Foreign Language certificate - As someone who has their cert., I will happily assist in anyway you want.
    Go to the Schell Brewery tour - I'm game.
    Start the Couch to 5K program and run a 5K this Fall - OK, so you said Spring/Summer, but I won't really be ready to attempt anything like this until this Fall.
    Go to the top of Foshay Tower - Something I need to do too.
    Take out the camera and take pictures of an Alphabet - I am so happy that I am not the only one who wants to do this.

  2. Super great Lauren! And most of them we can even take the kiddos too (and the Mr.'s if we are so inclined). We'll have to have a pow-wow soon. :)



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