04 January 2010

Happy Thoughts

The temperature outside is four degrees, but it feels likes a healthy negative nine. The Mr. has the car today, so that means LN and I are housebound. Not that I really mind, it is pretty cold out there! I love days like today. I feel no regret for hanging out at home, making a big pasta dinner and sitting snuggled up on the couch. We need these kind of days, especially after the busy holiday season. So I'm saving the post about my experience with the Wii Fit until tomorrow. For today I'm going to curl up with my cup of tea and write out what's making me happy today. Try doing writing things out, it makes the day better and those little irritations seem trivial. So here goes:
  1. The warm, yellow sun streaming in through the window.
  2. Being able to rock LN to sleep, and her now still being asleep.
  3. A cozy house.
  4. Friends that brave the cold to come and play.
  5. An upcoming birthday.
  6. Cooking dinner.
  7. A bright new year, full of possibilities.
  8. Having this space to write and talk about things that I care about.

So let's have it, what are you happy about today?

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