24 January 2010

Game Day

I have to admit, I kinda like football. In fact, up until about two years ago I think I knew more about football than the Mr. did. I went to every single HS game my Junior year. I was friends with one of the cheerleaders boyfriends, so we drove to all of the Away Games and did dorky things like blast Classical Music like we were thugs. Ah yes, I was so cool in High School.

So today the Minnesota Vikings play the New Orleans Saints to determine who will play in the Super Bowl two weeks from now. Emotions are running high over at my house and will only escalate when we drive over to the Mr's parents house to watch the game on their Jumbotron. It's always fun to hang with the family on game day. The Mr's dad makes something and throws it in the crock pot for lunch. There's veggies and chips galore. Today I made some yummy bars that I will tell you all about later.

So today is a big day. I guess for as much as I like football I don't really care who wins or looses today. I mean, I'm a Packer's fan at heart. The trouble is that if the Vikings win today, the Mr, his twin and older brother and their dad are all going to the Super Bowl. So I'm tied. If they win I'll be a football widow during the biggest game of the year. If they lose I'll have to deal with a crabby husband for the next two to three weeks. At least until the Super Bowl is over. Can't really say which one would be worse.

At least the Super Bowl isn't on my birthday this year. That's always a rip-roaring good time.

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