13 January 2010

Duh! #5

The other night I was trying to reheat some leftover rice. Two things you need to know about me: 1) I cannot for the life of me make rice on the stove. I must use a rice cooker. 2) I hate re-heated rice. I usually try and make leftover rice into some sort of fried rice. The other night, however, I was too lazy to cut up veggies and we were out of frozen ones. So reheated rice it was.

The problem I have with reheated rice is that it gets dry, sticky and generally all ends up in one clump in the middle of my pan. I try adding water to it, but then it just gets gummy, pasty and turns into a big bunch of goo.

So the other night I did something different. I dumped the rice into a skillet and then I added two ice cubes. Duh! The ice kind of steamed and slowly melted right into the rice. I kept stirring them around so all the rice had the chance to absorb a little bit of moisture. The result? Perfect, moist, not gummy rice. Yes! I added some extra spices and served it with some chicken breasts. Easy, quick and delicious. Finally, another way to use leftovers.


  1. I was going to ask if you'd tried adding a little water to it ;))

  2. Smart thinking Mary! I would have just thrown it!



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