02 December 2009

Arizona in Photographs

We took a trip to Arizona. We went to the Grand Canyon.

It's pretty awesome. It's cold there this time of year, did you know that?
Also, it's one big hole in the ground.

The Mr. was convinced that we were all going to fall off the edge and die.

But we didn't.

We also went to Sedona. It's warmer there.
And they have these really pretty rocks that come out of the ground.

They are especially pretty at sunset.

MP really likes to use her Macro setting.
She got good and friendly with a few cactuses while out on a walk.

Our family. Now, if only we were really that tall in real life.

Thanksgiving 2009? A success.


  1. So glad you didn't fall off the edge and die. :) Looks like you had a great time, cute pictures.

  2. i love LN's face strapped onto BC's back in the shot of the 3 of you! SO her :)



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