17 December 2009

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So we've had an eventful past twenty four hours over here at my house. A huge-chunk-o-somethin' flew off of a truck and struck my car. It proceeded to puncture holes in my oil pan which in turn drained the car of oil. Greee-ate.

So the Mr. took the day off of work and we've been dealing with stuff. Insurance companies are no fun to deal with, let me tell you! I always feel like I'm going in incriminate myself, although I didn't do anything wrong. Humph. Well, I hope this all ends well. Whether that means a new car or cheaply being able to fix the one we have. Either way I can't wait to be done with it all. Is there something wrong when your rental car is nicer than the car you're trying to fix?

On a side note, I also cut LN's hair. It looks great! A little crooked, but I'm ok with that today. It's really the least of my worries. :)

How's your day going?


  1. I attempted Caitlin's bangs the other day...they are now too short, but I figure hair grows back.
    Sorry to hear about your car.

  2. Like Lauren, I totally cut Jane's bangs too short this week. Oh well. At least I saved myself $15.



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