31 December 2009

A New Years Carol

I've been trying to figure out which way I want this post to go. Is a reflective look on all that 2009 has been? A look back over the last ten years of this new millennium? Or is it all about the new year coming, 2010. The hopes, dreams and promises that we aim to keep for the next ten years?

I guess I could write a post about a little bit of both. A quick dip into the past, and a little peek into what I think the future shall hold. I'll finish it up with a short bit about what I'll be doing tonight, the last night of 2009. A little 'New Years Carol', reminiscent of Charles Dicken's, "A Christmas Carol." I desperately hope that there are no ghosts though, they really don't know how to party.

Past: Memorable New Years' Eves (No particular order)
  • 2000: I was holed up in a skanky motel in my little hometown with some of my peeps. We were drinking cheap champagne and playing some game that involved wrapping up in toilet paper. I had to be home by two AM so I had one glass of champagne at midnight. Somehow a live fish ended up in our toilet, don't ask me how.
  • 2004: The Mr. and I are in college and broke as two goats. We get a cheap, cheap bottle of something, rent some movies, play some board games and fall asleep around eleven. You don't get much more fun than us!
  • 2006: Shaoxing, China. There was much drinking, dancing and general carousing. I dimly remember throwing beer bottles at the side of a wall. And having night noodles with about ten foreigners. Most of the night is hazy, but I do have fond feelings about whatever else we did that night.
  • 2008: My dear friend Connie comes into town and we spend the night drinking, gabbing and hitting on cute bartenders. We randomly meet up with a friend in town from China. I make it out past midnight and can still function the next day.
Future: ???
  • At some point I would love to spend New Year's Eve in Times Square. It will be crowded, and cold and I will probably be miserable. However, it's one thing that I want to do before I die.
  • I would love to partake in some crazy, cultural celebration for NYE one year. Perhaps Brazil or Thailand (actually in April) or New Zealand or Spain. Maybe when LN is a little older so she can participate and appreciate it too.
Present: NE Minneapolis 2009
  • Drop off LN at grandma's house.
  • Meet up with a dear old friend for a drink/dinner
  • Go see Holmes
  • Have another drink and hopefully be at some bar to watch the ball drop.

What are your big plans for tonight?
How's your list of resolutions coming?

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