07 December 2009

Need #1

I need to finish Christmas shopping.
I need to finish making my nephew's presents.
I need to find a recipe for gingerbread.
I want to make gingerbread with LN.
I need to get myself off of email lists.
I need to finish my Holiday Cards.
I need to make the snacks for tomorrow's gathering.
I need to buy one of these calendars.
I need to start reading this book, book club is less than one month away.
I need to clean the house.
I need to drink some cocoa, preferably with some Bailey's in it.
I need to figure out what to make for dinner.
I need to buy some new pants.

What do you need today?


  1. i need to say i love you. 6 years ago today, we had a really tough day, and i'm pretty sure that i don't tell those i care about that i love them... one day, it may be too late.


  2. Did you pick up the Wally Lamb book yet? I read the other two that were mentioned in the description and LOVED them! Maybe this could be my light reading in Florida... :)


  3. I haven't pick up the Wally Lamb book yet Kari, but I heard it's a long one! Which means I should probably get start on it ASAP. :)

    Have a great time on your trip!! Let me know if you need a place to stay (or when you start your new job!) or a ride to the airport.



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