23 December 2009

Holidays are stressful. Little sleep, over-stimulated, too much sugar, too many commitments. I give myself a lot of leeway this time of year. If you could take a look at my waistline you'd agree. I give myself some space; to be flexible, fluid, to try and let events transpire as they will. It's not easy, in fact I don't do a very good job at letting things go sometimes. The Mr. and I have a fight, I get stressed out and I hope that it doesn't ruin everyone's day/night/holiday.

This year seems to be going a bit better than years past. I feel even more tired than ever before, but I think I'm finally learning to pick and choose my battles. Which fights I can win, which are important to me, which will only turn into a fight. That's not to say that I don't still get stressed out, but at least now I feel like I can see them coming. And then plan accordingly.

So this Holiday Season I can only wish that you choose your battles wisely. For the sake of your family and more importantly, your sanity.

Happy Holidays!

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