08 December 2009

Duh! #4

Do you bake? Do you ever use honey, molasses or some other sticky substance that is a pain in the a*s to get out of a measuring cup? Well next time simply spray a little cooking spray into the cup first and it will all come sliding out. Well, not ALL of it, but it will be much, much easier than before.

You're welcome.


  1. Wow, I never knew that. Bet I still forget next time I'm baking!!

  2. I always do that. I didn't realize that was a tip! Here is another
    when rolling out cookie dough that tends to be sticky place parchment below and on top to prevent sticking to rolling pin ,cut shapes out and bake on parchment beneath!

  3. I almost smacked myself on the forehead when I read this—Duh!—Thanks for the tip. Here's hoping I remember to use it the next time I bake.

  4. Seriously? Why do I not know things like this? Maybe it is because I do not bake enough, but still that seems so pratical!



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