25 November 2009


Since today is the day before the one day where people, I hope, stop and think about all of the things they are Thankful for I thought that I would share some of the reasons that I am so very Thankful this season, in no particular order. I think as our world becomes more and more commercialized and marketed and as everyone gets more and mored tuned into the hype, celebrations like Thanksgiving are needed. Being thankful for the things that you have doesn't have anything to do with politics, religion, sex, age or color. When I'm feeling particularly stressed or out of focus I do like to write down those things that I'm thankful for, sometimes it can help make everything else a little easier to bear.

My health.
A hardworking, caring, thoughtful husband.
A healthy, happy and charismatic daughter.
A loving, supporting family.
The internet.
A strong, fun, amazing group of friends.
A warm and welcoming place to call home.
Food to feed myself, my family and my friends.
A blog where I can be a bit creative and let my mind loose.
A city that I love and has many diversions for me and the family.
A laptop that doesn't crash every five minutes.
A good head on my shoulders.
A street that I can walk down and not fear for my life.

What are you thankful for this season?

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