17 November 2009

Something Different

I'm going to try something different on this here blog tomorrow, and I think it might turn into something. Then again, it might not. Those of you who know me in real life know that I love, LOVE to cook and bake. And to a slightly lesser degree I also love to take pictures. So I decided that I am going to document the meal I'm making for dinner tomorrow night. Step-by-step with pictures. We'll see how it goes. Here's the menu:
The little lady and I are going to be making the cookies this afternoon. I'm sure there will be plenty of pictures of her covered, head to toe, in flour. Always a sight. If we're lucky there will be minimal mess on the floor and on me. Ha! Why would I even jinx myself like that?

So that's the plan. Stay tuned tomorrow as I document the first part of the meal tonight. Like I said, I've got ideas on where this could go, if it goes well. Ideas that would mean interesting reading for you, yummy food for my near & dear and some more work/fun for me.

Cross your fingers that it all goes well!


  1. Yum! Wish I could come over for dinner!

  2. Wish you could come over for dinner too! Buy that house and we'll come down so I can cook you dinner! :D



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